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Lambo coin is now available on coinexchange. Here you can buy the coins and start staking. Before you can stake you first need to download the Lambo wallet. Happy trading! :)

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Lambo is a hybrid PoS/PoW coin of 905% until the 100K block. Because of this high interest rate you can easily gain more coins and profits the time to follow.

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Lambo coin has two wallets in Windows and Linux. Click above to start the download. Happy staking guys!

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High-Speed 905% PoS

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Update around Coinsmarkets

We received a reply on one of our inquiries, that Coinsmarkets should be fixed within the coming 2 weeks....

NEW Exchange: coinsmarkets

NEW Exchange: coinsmarkets

Lambo is listed on a new exchange called CoinsMarkets. Here’s the link to our listing: Now you can...

NEW VIDEO! LAMBO Coin High Proof-Of-Stake

NEW VIDEO! LAMBO Coin High Proof-Of-Stake

NEW VIDEO! This marks the start of the new marketing strategy for LAMBO. We will become the most viral...

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